Companies destroyed by fraud

March 23, 2012

Mid-South Woman Indicted for Embezzling $1.5 Million from Collierville Company

Karen Tripp allegedly embezzled $1.5 million from Seiler-Nabors Construction Company, based in Collierville, Tennessee. The indictment states that Tripp wrote checks to her personal bank account as well as the antiques store that she owned. She also allegedly used the money to buy her children cars, build a mansion and take exotic vacations.

Grocery Store pushed to the edge and it is not the first time either. Gould allegedly faced same charge at another store

A former store manager of the Lakeshore Fresh Market, Theodore Gould allegedly embezzled at least $54,000. However, the store believes that $276,000 is missing. “We were seeing a lot of our vendors come in with problems with bounced checks”, reported owner Cheri Craig. They subsequently found out that the store manager has not paid the IRS, state or payroll taxes. The store has been forced to rearrange the aisles as they do not have the funds to buy stock.

Woman Accused Of Embezzling Millions From Club

Tara Virginia Moore pleaded not guilty to embezzling $3 million from a La Jolla nightclub/restaurant. Moore allegedly wrote checks from the restaurant’s bank accounts to herself, then subsequently redirected portions of that money to hide the fraud.

Detectives seized antiques, furniture, and art work worth over $400,000 and allegedly bought with stolen funds. The fraud was discovered when a forensic accountant was engaged to review the restaurants books. The restaurant closed as a direct result of the allege fraud placing over 100 out of work.

Moore alleges that she was lending the restaurant money, specifically proceeds from a life insurance policy paid  when her husband died. This claim is refuted by the former owner, Bill Berkley. He states the money that Moore provided was actually the proceeds of the fraud.

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